Elementor #1972


The award-winning Dubludio is a thrilling duo formed by Percussionist/Composer Dario Mennella andGuitarist/Composer Salvatore Schiano, whose core idea is  to merge the timbres of vibraphone and classical guitar.

Inspired by and connecting with a wide-ranging audience, they bring fresh inspiration to great chamber music repertoire. Dubludio adventurously collaborates with unconventional combinations, with experimental composers and electronic artists.

Currently part of the project are Pasquale Termini on cello, Daniele De Santo on bass and double bass, Arcangelo Nocerino on drums, Susanna Giordano on vocal, Francesca Masucci, Owen Cox and Julia De Camillis on violins.

Dubludio has two albums to his credit, the first of which, entitled “Dubludio”, was produced by RAICOM edition.





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