Solo Albums


Christina Broom’s story is all the more remarkable given she lived in an era when it was not exactly respectable for women to go into trade and become the sole breadwinner. But armed with only her determination – a cumbersome box camera, tripod, glass negatives and reliant on public transport, Broom would go on to carve a successful business and career that against all odds would secure her a place in British history as this country’s first woman press photographer.

The music has been commissioned by the Museum of London Docklands as part of the exhibition Soldiers and Suffragettes: The Photography of Christina Broom

A Journey to a creative place

More Than 100 Stories is a digital collection of texts, sound and images responding to the stories, achievements and learning of the Creative People and Places programme 2013-2016. You can browse the artworks here:
Created by writer Sarah Butler and artist Nicole Mollett, the collection comes from conversations, observations and visits to the 21 CPP projects across England. It’s built around ten key themes: confidence, decision-making, failure, language, local, partnership, people, taste, time and trust.

Artwork by Nicole Mollett
Animation by Georgina Ferguson and Simona Piantieri
Music and Sound design by Salvatore Schiano

The Ghost piper of clanyard bay 

Storytelling is one of the many age old rituals that take place when people gather and drink whisky.As part of Fable Whisky’s identity, I was commissioned to create the soundscape and the music for the first set of illustrations and short animation to accompany the release of the bottle. The idea being that as you sample the whisky you also submerge yourself in the story. For this, they chose a legend that really represents the mystery and rugged beauty of Scotland: The Ghost Piper of Clanyard Bay

Animations by Hugo Cuellar
Music and Sound design by Salvatore Schiano.

The Resurgence Story

First published in 1966, Resurgence is celebrating 50 years at the forefront of environmental publishing. To mark the occasion, here’s a short history of the magazine, now published as Resurgence & Ecologist, and the environmental charity behind it – The Resurgence Trust.

Video by Simona Piantieri
Music and Sound design by Salvatore Schiano.

Let your hair down

Inspired by “The Conqueror Worm” from Edgar Allan Poe ‘Let Your Hair down’ is a collaboration between filmmaker Simona Piantieri and music composer Salvatore Schiano. The video was premiered at the Britten Theatre in London with music performed by the RCM orchestra.

Spoken words by David Black
Video: Simona Piantieri
Music: Salvatore Schiano

Two chimneys

Two Chimneys looks at the closure of the Lots Road Power Station and its legacy. With the help of former workers and a local photographer who has taken numerous pictures of it, the documentary explores the power station’s impact on the community, its visual beauty and the loss experienced after its closure. Focusing mainly on its visual qualities, a beautifully shot and compelling film which inspired a soundscape composed by noises and sounds recorded in place.

Directed by Aephie Huimi
Music and Sound design by Salvatore Schiano


A young woman lost in a world suspended between the magic and poetry of the theatre.

Produced by Imprenditori di sogni
Director: Mario Vezza, this short movie
Music: Salvatore Schiano.
Performed by RCM Symphonic Orchestra
Conductor: Graham Ross

simolab showreel

Simolab is an independent audiovisual company based in London. 
Founded by visual artist Simona Piantieri, Simolab advocates the power of audiovisual environments, from immersive AV installations to short documentaries, promo videos, motion graphics, photography, sound and much more.

Video by Simona Piantieri
Music and Sound design by Salvatore Schiano.


Orna is a story about a woman in her 50s whose husband leaves her during a Passover dinner. The movie follows her through her emotional journey, both tragic and comedic. Orna is about selfawareness and the inherent responsibility of being honest to oneself and living a true life. Salvatore Schiano’s score takes as its inspiration the psychological dimension of its lead character.

Directed by Vanessa Davitkov
Music by Salvatore Schiano.

Sliding Memories

An audio-visual portrait of Naples, a city where many different souls coexist. Work premiered at the Royal College of London as part of the composer’s showcase series.

Direced by Costanza Fraia
Music: Salvatore Schiano


The award-winning Dubludio is a thrilling duo formed by Percussionist/Composer Dario Mennella and Guitarist/Composer Salvatore Schiano. Inspired by and connecting with a wide-ranging audience, they bring fresh inspiration to great chamber music repertoire. Dubludio adventurously collaborates with unconventional combinations, with experimental composers and electronic artists.

Album: Dubludio
Produced by: Rai Trade


Mikrokosmos is a duo formed by guitarist-composer Salvatore Schiano and poly-instrumentalist Owen Cox.

The core of Mikrokosmos is Salvatore’s classical guitar and Owen’s steel string acoustic guitar, supported  by padded synths, electric violin,  traditional Italian chitarra battente, ethnic flute and percussions. 

The name “Mikrokosmos” refers to a set of compositions by Hungarian composer Bela Bartok.

Bartok’s original Mikrokosmos attempted to communicate an entire world and history of music in a series of minimalist pieces for piano. Our project was inspired by this vision, an experimental chamber duo combining sounds and styles from traditional, classical, contemporary and electronic music.

Album: Orpheus
Produced by: Salvatore Schiano Music

texture of

A series of pieces inspired by Salvatore’s birthplace. The music aims to reflect Naples’s rich cultural heritage and its particular atmospheres.

Music composed and performed by Salvatore Schiano.

Rudy Valentino

Feature movie which tells the story of Rodolfo Valentino’s return to his native village Castellaneta in the summer of 1923.

Director: Nino Cirasola
Music by: Enrica Sciandrone
Guitar arranged and performed by Salvatore Schiano


This album is inspired by impressionism and descriptive music. It reconnects different places and time. A journey of pictures accompanied by music. 

Music composed,, performed and recorded by Salvatore Schiano with the RCM chamber Ensemble 

Music for investigative and crime format,  research and political thrillers.

Music composed, performed and recorded by Salvatore Schiano.
Violin: Owen Cox